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I begin to shed the aged mottled skin
It was a good skin in its day
Thick brown scales enclosing me
Sheltering me from the pierce of stones, sheltering me
From voices, and from hearing
Those who called me.

Who called in anger
Who called in love

But today at this new moon
As the dark of the sky shadows our earth
In the deep shade and the thick cloud
At this new moon in autumn

I push out of my skin
I move through its tunnel
I move on the earth

Hearing voices, voices of anger
Voices of love.

I am a snake
I am a creature in her commonality
I move into my unprotection
The stones do not scrape me
I feel the warmth of earth and sun
A fresh breeze murmurs over me

Is it the wind of renewal, the breath of rebirth?

I stretch out into a new way
I praise. Praises be.



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